Pathio Users

Settings for Klipper

  • Printer Name: Anycubic Kossel Linera Plus with Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Pathio Version: v0.6.3-beta4
  • Filament Type: Any

Important Slicing Settings: Klipper firmware

thank you for providing this great slicer.
I have some questions about using this slicer with Klipper firmware.
Can you tell me, please, which firmware i have to choose in the Printer Configuration?
There is no choice for Klipper.I have to use Marlin for Firmware Type?
If i have to choose Marlin type, what is right Gcode flavour setting?

There are some recommendations for slicers to cooperate with Klipper.
Few features must be deactivated.
Disabled “PreloadVE” on KISSlicer, for example.

So…i have to disable or change something in Pathio for Klipper?

Thank you very much for answer.