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Size of object in mm

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It would be grate to have an possibility to see how big the model is (for each axis in mm). And it would be grate to have this feature for scaling the part.

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  • Do other slicers do this?: Yes

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Hi @Georg,
This is absolutely in our plans, as it can be really handy when setting up prints. As with other suggestion threads, the more likes/views this thread gets, the more we’ll be able to push this feature up on our priority list. Right now our front-end team is working hard on a major new feature that’s taking all of their bandwidth. After that we’ll be reassessing priorities.

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Perhaps a measure tool along with this. You could select two surfaces or vertices and measure the distance between them.

And perhaps a scaling tool as well where you can select two surfaces or vertices and specify a size and it scales the object to that size.

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