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Splitting assemblies

I would really really really like to see the feature of automatically Splitting assemblies into independently placeable parts in pathio. It would make the “Standard” CAD->SLICE - workflow so much easier, because you can just Export the whole Assembly and tear it apart inside the slicer. As you have to place and drag the models inside the slicer anyway it makes sence to me.

At the Moment neither cura nor simplify3D does this. Only ideamaker is able to split .stl assemblies into Independent parts.

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I’m missing something, because both S3D and Slic3rPE allow for separating “disjoint meshes”, meaning any mesh that is manifold, even within the same STL, is separated from the others , bounding box style, and dropped to build plate.

Simplify3d - Mesh > Separate Connected Surfaces

Slic3rPE - Object > Split

Cura - Right-click mesh > Split

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Hm youre right. Wasnt aware of that. Then its even more important that pathio can do this, too :slight_smile:

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I totally agree. I’ll make sure this goes on our feature roadmap. Thanks for sharing.

For those commenting after, please note that your input is still appreciated, as it helps us prioritize this feature.

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I’ll point out that this feature, “Separate Connected Surfaces” in S3D is very useful to help it slice models that otherwise will not print correctly.

A lot of the time people will have a model that was poorly made or not checked for errors and does not slice correctly because it has multiple shells.

Running this feature in S3D splits the model into those bodies and does help the slicer to understand how to better slice the model. Not 100% of the time but I have used this a number of times.

The only caveat when using it this way is you do not want to “arrange” the model after running this feature because it will split it up into its individual parts and then the model is no good and you start over!
So, this is a feature that can have two uses or functions.

One to break apart assemblies or STL’s with multiple parts in it and another to help the slicer - slice a problem model correctly.
Either way it can be a handy feature.

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