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Strange/Useless Infill Along Contours

Layer preview shows, what seems to me, unnecessary bits of infill following the contour paths. While it’s not a big deal or going to cause any issues it seems like a waste of time and material.

Am I missing something? Is this intentional or just an artifact of the current algorithm?



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Hi geartechbrandon,

The infill you see following the perimeter here is how we path from one infill track to the next. In order to avoid unnecessary stop/starts, as well as to maintain a steady extrusion, we follow the perimeters around from one infill track to the next

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply. That’s great information to know and I will share with others. I think your infill, if not already, is more efficient than other systems.


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that is what is annoying me with my original slicer the many stops and starts, crossing the workpiece etc.
I just downloded your slicer and will start using it. It is a great idea to collect improvements/ suggestions from the field.
Thanks. Pretty sure you will here / read more from my experience in near future.


Interesting approach on the infill. Makes sense.

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