Support created even when not checked

  • Printer Name:
    Kreateit CR10-XS
  • Pathio Version:
  • Filament Type:
    eryone rainbow silk

Important Slicing Settings:

Oh dear, that’s not good!

Could you send some before and after shots (your print settings and what the sliced result was) to us to we can investigate further!

Thanks a lot for pointing this out!


Hi @wthile
It’s pretty hard for us to triage this without some slicing settings, photos/videos, or attachments. My guess as to why this is happening is that you might have turned on supports at the group or model level in your slicing settings, but then later turned supports off at the global level. Because slicing settings are overwritten the further down the hierarchy you go, you might have deselected supports at the global level, but still have it set at the model or group level. Double check that all the levels are how you expect them to be.

I must have inadvertently added them at the model level and not the group I was un checked at the group level. I reloaded the model this morning and it seems to have sliced perfectly. This slicer is a bit of a learning curve :slight_smile: Thanks for the info it did lead me in the right direction.

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