Support Exclusion Area

  • Prusa Mk3-MMU2
  • 0.5.0-beta3
  • generic PLA 1.75

I have a model that supports need to get excluded in a small area.

rotate X:0, Y: -45, Z:90.

Default support settings were used, on the site of the model there is inset graphic that prints fine so no support would be great, less to clean.

If we could identify area that no support is required.

** I will post another topic for uniform support issue.

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Hi Jimmy,
I’ve moved this to the suggestions category, as it looks like a feature request for manual support definition. We are 100% planning on letting you manually pick where supports are going to be placed.

We’re still trying to figure out how to best let you pick what areas of your model need (or don’t need) supports. Any suggestions about the workflow of that would be appreciated!

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I currently use Slic3r by Prusa as it’s the only one that fully supports the MMU on their machines.

They add objects in to do the blocking or enforcing. It’s ok, but cumbersome to use and move around. Maybe allowing make of the support block/enforce object and allow moving with cursor, fine tune and edit object for size and shape if needed.

These also need to be saved with the project if it is saved for printing again later.

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A work flow similar to how it works with Simplify3D would be the best. With S3D you can manually add additional supports or remove supports after auto generation. I do this all the time for situations just like the OP has.