Support for Dual Extruders

If dual (multiple) extruders are already supported, then it isn’t obvious how to configure it (i.e. documentation missing). If not yet supported, first step would be to add nozzle offset inputs to the appropriate place (extruder or hot end).

Cura, CuraLE, Simplify 3D, all support dual (multiple) extruders.

I own a LulzBot TAZ 6 with multiple toolheads (three Single V2.1 w 0.2, 0.35, 0.5 nozzles, Aerostruder V2, Dual V2, and Dual V3.

CuraLE handles the nozzle offset during slicing and Simplify 3D expects the offset to be handled by the Marlin firmware (M218). If Pathio uses the S3D model, then perhaps the nozzle offsets are not needed by the slicer, but I believe there should be documentation explaining this.

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After viewing the latest video on extruders, I tried configuring a TAZ 6 printer with a V3 Dual Extruder Toolhead. When I loaded the two parts of a dual color 3DBenchy (I’d attach the .stl files but the file size limitation of this Discourse prevents me from doing so) I could not find a way to merge the two groups and resetting the location of both did not appear to yield the correct result.

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Hey B-Morgan!

We’ve actually just released a video on dual extrusion setup, we know it’s pretty complicated and we’ll be working hard to ensure that it’s easier to setup in the future!

You can find the video here:

Please do let us know any feedback you have on the videos and any other feedback or suggestions you have!



As I mentioned, I did view that video. The video explains how to setup a printer with dual (or more) extruders, but that is only the first step in actually creating the GCode that will successfully print.

The remaining steps are either undocumented or not implemented (and I’m guessing the later). I believe the next step is loading two (or more) objects, telling Pathio which extruder to use for each object, and that they should be “merged”. I was able to load two objects, select the extruder for each, but could not figure out how to merge them.

I tried “resetting” both objects and this appeared to align them in X and Y but there was a visible Z offset. My test objects are the (im)famous 3DBenchy dual print ready .stl files.

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Hi b-morgan,

You’re right. While we do have “support” for dual extrusion, it is effectively impossible to align the two.

We’re sorry about that, we’ve got it down and we’ll be working towards a fix in the near future!

Thank you for your patience!


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As of 0.5.0-beta6 I can now align two models in the same group and if there are two extruders defined in the printer, I can assign the material from each extruder to each model for each fill type.

The process of assigning the material is tedious because you have to change it for each type (i.e. perimeters, infill, shell fill). This level of detail is useful but it would sure be nice if I could start by setting everything to one extruder or the other with one click. I can then change any individual setting if desired.

@b-morgan agree a checkbox at the top of the materials settings for quickly setting the extruders to T0, T1, T2 or Tx would be useful. I’ve had attempts at using mixed nozzle setups, but I need to sort the Z seam out first.

Hi @24c,

Im pretty sure that we have that functionality already, there is some blue underlined text you can click on to set it for all. This was implemented per @b-morgan request.

Thanks for your feedback and do let us know of anything else!


Sorry Daniel, it just came up as a “latest or suggested post” and I haven’t used Pathio since last weekend.

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All good!

Let us know what you think of the feature!


definitely my bad @danwillm I saw it previously, maybe I should stop sleeping before I post. :doh Yes that all works fine, “Set all fields” etc and running v0.5.3-alpha now too, (and waiting for Z seam improvements, output file post processing linking, and great support… :slight_smile: )

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Great, glad we’re knocking things off your wish list. Z-seam improvements are in the works now, with a quick fix probably coming in the next couple of weeks. More advanced Z-seam hiding will come after that, and should put us on par with the state of the art.

Support improvements are also moving along in our planning pipeline, and we’re focusing right now on getting manual support placement planned and ready for development.