Support For Sailfish Firmware

Any plan to incorporate a converter or support for Sailfish Firmware?

For printers such as the Flashforge Creator Pro or QIDI Tech-1

Support for other types of printer firmware are on our todo list, but we’re not focused on developing those right this moment. The near future of Pathio is probably more slicing settings and functional features, and compatability with other printer types will come after. Hopefully out roadmap will help give a better timeline for what you can expect with regard to sailfish support.
Gabe Seltzer

It can work fine in general for Sailfish by using the external GPX converter. However it would be nice at some point if it was incorporated for convenience.
I think S3D may be one of the few that actually do this.

Please note that we got a report that the very long comment at the start of our gcode files (the one that lists all your slicing settings) was giving GPX some problems. We recommend manually deleting that line before trying to run GPX. We’re thinking of actually fixing that bug in GPX at some point in the future!

I had not tried it yet but would be happy to. I can also post any possible issues on the GPX google group I am part of if that is a good idea.

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