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Supports from build plate only

  • Ender 3:
  • Pathio Version 0.5.2-beta:
  • **Filament Type:Esun PETG

I am trying to slice a new cooling duct setup I designed for my Taz 6 printer and I need supports for the overhanging BL-Touch mount but it is also creating supports inside the duct which makes it useless. Is there an option anywhere so the supports are only from the build plate and not everywhere?


I second this request, I’m printing out a cooling fan for my HEVO and i can’t seem to figure out supports only on build plate so i don’t have to spend an entire day trying to wedge out support material from the inside of the fan

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This is how i use tree supports in cura. The support starts on the build plate only away from the part, then moves within part envelope to support an area. I dont use supports often but this makes for a great solution and redcues the amount of part/support interfaces

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me uno a la pregunta…