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Surface Border Support within coarse infill

A common issue for me which S3D for example does not handle either is supporting Surface borders within coarse infill. While printing lightweight fairly complex structures this would be an amazing feature, i think.

My example Shows a coarsely filled benchy which would print Pretty much awful, because trying to print the shown first Surface layer would result in drooping Filament into the infill voids resulting in holes within the surface.
To Prevent something like this it would be awesome to “support” such Surface borders.

Either modifying the infill Patterns to account for incoming top surfaces or Building additional support infill structures would be two ways to attack this issue in my opinion.
Alternatively modifying infill denity below surfaces like cura does is also an Option of Course.



I’m partial to the way Cura handles this by allowing you to specify additional perimeters on top surfaces and specifying the number of solid layers to treat as the top layer. It still works best when you ensure you’re using enough infil for the bridging layer to print on. You can also define the settings for multiple bridging layers if you want.

Slicer just extends the bridging layer out further in the hopes of having enough of a solid surface for the new perimeters to land on.

Curas approach requires a lot of tuning to optimize, or a lot of infill so that it doesn’t really matter. The Slicer approach isn’t as tunable, but works alright provided you’re using enough infill and solid layers. Neither takes much advantage of knowledge of the actual geometry of the model.

Pathio, with it’s novel approach to slicing, could definitely be smarter about how it uses infill and supports top solid layers.

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