Temperature as a function of speed

Suggestion Summary

An option that enable automatic temperatura, that will let the Pathio set the temperature as a function of speed.

Why is this useful?

Since generally the extrusion temperature for a given speed range varies according to the material, color and manufacturer of each filament, it is not always easy to be tested for each new part that will be produced, especially if that part has different speeds. in certain parts.
For example, let’s say a part has a simpler base without much detail that can be printed at 90 mm/s, but the top of it is very detailed and will print at 35 mm/s. Since higher speeds require higher temperatures, it would be interesting to have a setting where you could set 2 different speeds and at which temperatures they print best, respectively, and the program calculates the best temperature for each speed range you select.

  • Do other slicers do this?: No

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