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Temperature Gcode preference

Suggestion Summary

Allow the choice of what gcode commands are used for setting temperatures.

Why is this useful?

Multiple tools, and standby temps are difficult or impossible to set using M104, etc. It would be nice to be able to use G10 tool offsets which allow targeting a specific tool and heater and separate active and standby temps. Most useful for RepRapFirmware and the Duet.

  • Do other slicers do this?:
    Simplify3D may allow you to choose how temperatures are set. Cura and Slicer do not.

Screenshots/Supporting Info

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Right now all heating is handled in your start script, so Pathio never decides what gcode to use, you do (or the profile you’ve downloaded from the server does). For example, unlike Simplify3D which automatically adds heating codes to the start of your print before your start script, you have full control over when heat up happens. I think that that handles the case you described, but correct me if I’m wrong

Does that address your issue?

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Yes it does. I assumed that temp setting functioned like the other slicers out there, but it’s starting to dawn on me how powerful the scripting and variables really are. Thanks for the clarification.

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Great, glad that helps. Yes, we’re trying to make it so you don’t have to manually edit your gcode after saving a slice in order to get the heatup order that you want. The downside is that it’s not immediately obvious that you can change it. More onboarding will probably solve that when we get closer to v1.0