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Thin net on top of support (support interface)

Suggestion Summary

Apply a thin layer of supports before printing or detect small features and corners on model. Sometimes small features curls up because the support is not connecting. It does not always help to increase resolution. Look at the support for the tip. BigKnob_Pathio

Why is this useful?

  • Do other slicers do this?:
    Slic3r PE 1.41.3 has a feature that creates a net of thin lines over the rough supports. As seen on this image: 3 This would help catching small features.

Cura does this as well. It is called “support interface”

Possible alternatives

Another idea could be to base support upon concentric circles kinda like Cura does, but with lines connecting the circles for printing stability. A kind of hybrid between concentric and zigzag i suppose.


Just a note that the ability to distinguish between the “interface” layer of the support and the rest of the support opens the option to use a different extruder for the interface layer.

For example, when using PLA and PVA, PVA is much more expensive than PLA so printing only the support interface layers in PVA and the rest of the support in PLA is very cost effective.


Hi guys,

There is currently an option for ‘Number of interface layers’ that will add these layers that you speak of, see the docs on support for more information regarding the options.

The interface layers do have some work scheduled on them in the coming weeks so now is a good time to have a play around and get your opinion in on what they could do better!

Hope this helps


Thank you, I guess I must have been completely blind. I have been sitting staring right at it! Never mind then :slightly_smiling_face: I will start testing then :smile: