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This print path... Its correct?

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    Tevo Littel Monster
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I am printing a simple model… like a vase. But print head, do a strage movement, cross from part to part of the vase, instead of doing it in a continuous way.
This, because I do not have it adjusted, generates stringing, which in this case is good, because that’s how the path looks like.

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Hi there,
Thanks a lot for sharing. Can you send us the model and gcode file? (all of your configuration settings would be handy too but not required, I think). You can send it to or share via dropbox like you’ve been doing (We’re having a little bit of trouble letting users share files straight on Discourse, sorry!). We’ve not seen this before so I’m eager to take a look at what’s actually going on!


of course…

Stl Model


Hi again,
Thanks for sending the model, I’ve recreated at least the travel moves and we’ll work on getting that sorted out (because there shouldn’t have been travel moves in that print to begin with, really). It looks like your gcode file didn’t upload right, could you try sending it again? Thanks!