Time estimates based on custom printer settings

The one thing that always bugs me is the inaccuracy of time estimates in slicers. Granted, I know it’s a very difficult topic to tackle, yet Simplify3D seem to have gotten very close to the real thing with their library of printer settings.

All nice and dandy if you don’t want to tune speed, acceleration, jerk and such in your printer (which is especially easy if you own Duet3D boards).

What I would love to see is a way to provide the data into Pathio about the settings of my printers and have Pathio use that information to calculate print time.

Nope. I would imagine Simplify3D use this kind of info in their database, but don’t give a way to edit it.

I think it would be very useful for crazies like myself, who build Hypercubes and try to see how far we can push them in terms of speed and quality of print.

Is it essential - not at all, but would be awesome to see this happen.

Hey pkos!

Currently, we do take acceleration into account with print estimates - set it in up in your printer configuration tab.

As for jerk, we know that we always underestimate with our print times anyway, so adding it wouldn’t help the print times right now.

Checkout what we’ve got at the moment and see how precise the times are - If you have any other suggestions on how to improve this, let us now!

As always, thanks for your feedback!


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Gotcha. I was under the impression jerk would also matter here, but in that case, I’ll ran some tests and we’ll see.

Thanks :wink:

Cura and Slic3r PE also take acceleration and jerk into consideration. Slic3r uses the marlin path planner, which makes it accurate for Marlin based printers, but not much else.

It definitely would ne nice to have full control over printer speed parameters on a per move type basis and have that play back into time estimates.