Pathio Users

Top layer not printing completely

  • MP Maker Select Plus, MTW Create
  • 0.5.2-beta, 0.5.1-beta
  • PLA/PHA Colorfabb

Top layer is not printing completely, no matter the settings, printer, or orientation on the bed. I’ve updated Pathio, tried switching printers, and also swapped filaments, to no avail. Anyone else experiencing this?

Here are some pics.

My top layers seem to close off fine, but i havent printed anything with a large final surface area with Pathio yet.
I do find when im watching the prints that i get this sometimes on inner shell layers. Probably apart of the same issue.
Have you noticed it on other layers?

So far, it’s just the very top layer. Which is a huge bummer because you don’t know if it’s there until the print is done.

Hi @candoable
Could you attach the gcode file that produced this print? Perhaps the model too, so we can take a look at this. In any case, we’re currently working on some slicing tools that will address this kind of curved shape much better than what we do right now, so stay tuned for that.