Pathio Users

Unused nozzle heats up anyway

  • Printer Name: Robo3D R1+ (heavily modified) "KOSMOS"
  • Pathio Version: 0.6.3-beta4
  • Filament Type: PLA+

Important Slicing Settings: tool 0 temp = 210. tool 1 temp = 0.

When I slice, pathio is told to only use one extruder, and to only heat that extruder. The print starts properly, but after printing the base of the first object, it tries to activate the unused nozzle by setting the temp of tool 1 to match tool 0. I only noticed this because at the moment, tool 1 is broken on my machine, so it ignores requests to heat it, causing the machine to shut down thinking it cant control the temp properly.

Looking at the G-code, pathio did put it in place. Octoprint told marlin to do it. Marlin tried and failed, reset and told octoprint why. Everything in that chain is working as expected except pathio, which tries to set the temp of tool 1 at multiple points in the gcode despite being told not to touch that tool.