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Upload example files (.stl, .gcode, .zip)

I tried to upload some relatively simple .stl files to illustrate a point (a bug), but they were “too large” and I was unsuccessful. I believe the ability to upload example .stl and .gcode files will be very beneficial aids to the communication between users and developers. If size is a concern, .gcode files, for example, are favorably reduced in size by placing them in .zip files so the .zip file extension should also be allowed.

Hi b-morgan,

Thanks for pointing this out.

By curiosity, how large were that those .stl files? We can adjust the maximum upload limit, but we are slightly limited to storage space at the moment, as we are hosting the site on discourse, not our own servers at the moment.

@Gabe is your best bet for changing this upload limit.

Thanks for your feedback!


The file I attempted to upload was approximately 7K bytes unzipped. The 3DBenchy .stl file is 11K bytes, the .gcode is 2.6K bytes, and both of those files in a .zip is 4.8K bytes (.stl 62% compression, .gcode 79%).

If you have limited space on the Discourse server, an alternate “FTP” or other upload method would be acceptable (but not as convenient).

Huh, we should be allowing files to be uploaded that are that small.

@Gabe is one of the admins, and he’ll be able to change the settings to as he sees fit.

Thanks for notifying us!