Pathio Users

V0.5.0 Alpha 2 Released!

Track Preview is more Beautiful

Tracks now connect instead of showing little spaces. Also, some new colours to help distinguish between perimeter types, etc.

Memory Reduction

We’ve put in a suite of new memory fixes that should significantly reduce RAM usage. We’d appreciate if you could put Pathio through its paces to check that no bugs popped up due to the changes (it was a big one!)

Printing Updates

  • Brims Print in the correct direction (out-to-in)
  • Support pillars now have a minimum size so that they don’t fall over
  • Speeds can now be set for external-most perimeters. Right now, this also does it for the internal-most perimeters as well…

Some Slicing Settings Moved

  • Extrusion multiplier is now in quality
  • Coasting is now in quality
  • Shell fill settings are now in shell
  • Inside-out perimeters is now in shell
  • Z-seam location is now in shell


  • New about us screen which we’ll use for helping people get used to Pathio
  • Help button opens online help (we will probably cache it later)
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I’m not sure if it was this update or I missed it from before but I really like the “Welcome to Pathio” page its a nice starting point for a fresh install.


Glad that you like it! We’re hoping that it irons out some of the bumps in the road that new users have, at least until we have a better onboarding process (if it seems like we need one).