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V0.5.0 Alpha Released!

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Username: fs
Password: P2zoyV6UtZCiEaUo0A

We’re here! V0.5.0 will be what goes out to the world. Thank you all for joining us on this wonderful journey in closed beta.

Please also be on the lookout later today for a beta release with some major logging and ram improvements.


A new name, a new logo, a new look. The makover is complete, and we’re very happy to share with you the touched up UI of Pathio! Besides the new colour scheme, you’ll see some buttons have moved around for a more streamlined workflow.

Bug Fixes

  • You no longer need to type a leading zero into print settings fields. Thanks to Noman, Ryan, Gabe, Greg, and Tony for letting us know this was bothering them!
  • Support interface layers don’t crash anymore. Something we found in internal testing.
  • Fixed Ultimaker Start Code. Something we found when printing at the office.
  • Slicing settings round to reasonable significant figures now. Thanks to Rene for first pointing this out.
  • Fixed a bug where relative movement mode wasn’t being set. We’d seen this in the office freqently…
  • Gcode preview is no longer backwards (in a single layer). Chances are you didn’t even notice!
  • Reloading models will enable reslicing (it didn’t mark your project as “dirty” before)