Pathio Users

V0.5.0 Beta 1 Released!

  • Resolve "perimeter around support raft.
  • Open terms and conditions in external browser.
  • Resolve "Add a basic extruder to Generic/Custom Printers.
  • Add extra unretract functionality.
  • Updated slice setting names.
  • Use a pale blue colour for the background on an inherited checkbox.
  • Resolve “Make Add printer whole row clickable”
  • Resolve “Support Perimeters don’t print at first layer speed”
  • Added pathio stl as default model on initial run
  • Resolve “Add link to libraries and their licensing requirements on the docs site”
  • Resolve "Autofilled email doesn’t enable the reset button on the forgot password for
  • fixed pointy tracks at acute angles between segments going crazy
  • Resolve "First layer height works correctly.
  • Add some homing code to the default end script.
  • Added Ender 3 config.
  • Added additional filament profiles.