Pathio Users

V0.5.0 Beta 4 Released

Download link:

Hello all! We’re really happy to say that we’ve got our first release of Open Beta! This is a small hot-fix release, but more features are well on their way.

Just to let you know, we’re doing our best to keep track of all of your feedback, whether it comes from social media, right here on Discourse, or our email support. We want to give credit to the people who helped us find a bug or suggested a feature when we write these change logs, so keep an eye out for your name! (we’ll not be linking back to the source if it was sent to us from a private place, of course.)

Here’s what’s new:

Filament Diameter is now a text box

Thanks to Daedalu1400 on Reddit for pointing this out.

Hardware Lists

Filament lists now show who published them (currently they’re all from us, Pathio). In the near future we’re going to have a profile sharing system that will let you sync and publish your printer and filament profiles.

Other Fixes

  1. Fixed some bugs with rotating a model (and the rotation values not displaying correctly)
  2. Fixed a bug with searching the printer and filament lists
  3. Printers now show the right number of extruders (instead of the number of HotEnd profiles)
  4. Fixed a common hard crash to simply be an error (We’re still working on a real fix!)