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V0.5.0 Beta 5 Released!

Hi all,

Our v0.5.0-beta5 has been released! This build has a number of hot-fixes.
As with all releases we’re actively keeping track of all of the feedback and suggestions you have provided us via our various channels. Be on the lookout for another few releases today as well.

Here’s what’s new:

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed shell thickness being reset incorrectly when changing dynamic defaults.
  2. Fixed the model preview tab not popping up correctly.
  3. Signup page now says full name is required. Thanks to @duncan.lhs for pointing this out.
  4. Fixed a case where bad printer profiles on our server could cause problems downloading subsequent profiles.

Thanks as always for your feedback and suggestions. More to come later today!
The latest build can be downloaded via the following link:


Dear James! Russian localization is required. There are a lot of us, but not everyone speaks English.


Hi AlexBor

Thank you for your reply and we appreciate your feedback.
Although we cannot confirm when adding language and localisation support is something will be reviewing .

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