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V0.5.0 Beta 6 Released!

Our V0.5.0-beta 6 has been released!
As with all releases we’re actively keeping track of all of the feedback and suggestions you have provided us via our various channels.

Coasting Fixes.

One of our biggest bugs is now cleaned up!
Thanks to @b-morgan , @siaipsau , @Dr.Phil , and @aureumlocus for bringing this one up.

Add Align for multi-material printing.

You can now right-click on a group and align the models in it based on their origins. This makes it very easy to set up dual extrusion prints.
Thanks to @M_code , and @b-morgan for the suggestion!

Other Fixes.

  1. Fixed minimum supported area not working right.
  2. Fixed a skirt bug.

awesome! I’ll be trying this out tonight!


Let us know how you get on @Dr.Phil!


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