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V0.5.1 Beta 2 Released!

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Hi all, hope your slicing has been excellent lately! Some good fixes and new quality of life improvements are inbound:

Major Bug Fix

A very common issue with generating supports has been fixed (it had been introduced in the last release).

Thanks to @bret4 (Thread), as well as loads of people who sent in models and slicing settings via the feedback tab in the app (Those are private, so I won’t list your names, but thanks!)

Coasting Speed Fixes

Last release we fixed coasting causing bad travel moves, but the speed of coasts was still wrong. Now it’s better!

Thanks to @Dr.Phil for again stress testing our coasting! (Thread).

Multi-Part Model Alignment Improvements

You can now align all the models in a group by aligning their respective origins. Right click on a model in the list (or the group) to do this. You can also drop a whole group to the build plate without ruining the alignment. More work on translating groups together is on the way, but this should make multi-material printing easier.

Thanks to @Greg, as always, for testing with the toolchanger and telling us what’s missing!

Quick Material Assignment

You can now assign all parts of a model or group to print with a single tool at once, instead of selecting each individually.

Infill Track Stuttering

We noticed that infill tracks were sometimes generating too much gcode, which could cause your printer to stutter. That’s fixed now.

Confirmation for Deleting Config Files

We’ve added a dialogue box before deleting any of your slicing or hardware settings, so you can’t do it by accident!

Thanks to @chris.carragher for the suggestion (Thread)!

Thank you all for all your testing! We appreciate all the feedback you’re giving us and are looking forward to getting you more fixes and improvements so slicing can be as smooth as possible.


When we get a new release do we just install over the old one or uninstall the old first?

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A link to the download would be an excellent addition to announcments of new versions :grinning:

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Good call! Updated the post.

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The installer removes your old version for you, no need for manual removal.

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Are settings, profiles and things like that preserved when updating the version?

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Yes your profiles should transfer to the new version


I’m really glad to see the multi-part alignment implemented


Thanks for the info. Hoping to give it a first try this weekend.

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nice! i have a weekend full of parts to try now

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You guys are rocking! I don’t know if I have seen releases fly out like this. It is absolutely amazing. Keep up the good work. So far things seem to be going really well on my end. Every time I open the software there is an update…lol


Good to see some of those suggestions I made on Slack have made it in! :grinning:


Yes, so sorry for not giving you credit :sob:

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