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V0.5.1 Beta 3 Released!

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Hello all! A couple of quality of life features as well as some major bug fixes.

The bugs from this release were far-ranging and we’d like to thank to everyone who either commented on this forum, sent feedback through Pathio, or sent us emails at We’ll not be tagging people who send us feedback privately unless you expressly mention that it is ok. That’s why there aren’t many tags of who suggested what.


  1. We just found that if you slice in vase mode you must have at least 1 solid bottom layer (having 0 leads to a crash). Sorry about that.
  2. We’re investigating a bug where a model that you’ve imported doesn’t show on the build plate. Simply restarting Pathio should fix this, but it’s being tricky to reproduce and fix.

Major Bug Fixes

We’ve addressed three major bugs with this release. One was a hard crash (that showed the “Pathio has crashed” screen), one made certain tracks not appear in the slice, and the last was giving very generic error messages. That last one is not fixed, but will give us more descriptive error messages so we can now triage more effectively (lots of different errors were being lumped together). If you’ve had any failed slices, we’d appreciate it if you would try them again and let us know how they went with the feedback tab.

Thanks to @Greg (Thread) for finding the second one.

Model Import Improvements

There’s now a drop-box for dragging models onto the Pathio window to import them. You can also drag models between groups.

Thanks to our early Founding Members for the suggestions (before the launch of Open Beta)

Outside of what’s in this release, we’ve been working hard on planning the order we’ll be doing new features (especially the ones that are heavily requested!). Things are very much in flux at the moment, but we’re looking forward to sharing our priorities with you when they’re ready.