Pathio Users

V0.5.1 Beta 4 Released

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Z-Hopping Fixes

Z-hopping was broken if it was applied at the group level.

Thanks very much to the person who used the feedback tab to let us know and helped us diagnose the issue and get a fix out in the same day!

Fixed Importing Models on Mac OS

Last release introduced a bug where you couldn’t select models to import if you were slicing on a Mac.

Thanks to @wthile for bringing this up! (Thread)

Group and Model Improvements

  • If you have one group left and want to delete it, you can now clear it of all settings + models (before the delete button was grayed out)
  • You can rename groups and models from the right-click menu
  • You can’t slice with a model that has a bad file path (ie Pathio can’t find it)

Project File Fixes

  • Rename some menu options that were unclear
  • Opening a project with a model already loaded now shows the model with the right colour

You cannot open your Filament or Printer settings as a Project anymore.

This actually worked fine and caused no crashes! Unfortunately, it means your slicing settings aren’t actually saved in a config file, because they’re immediately overwritten by your printer or filament libraries.

Here’s what it looked like, for posterity: