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V0.5.2 Alpha Released

Alpha Download Link (Select V0.5.2 Alpha from the list)

Here’s a preview of our next feature release. Try out Sawtooth supports early!

Sawtooth Supports


A new type of support structure that generates ridges that properly support your print without being too difficult to remove. By generating toolpaths in all three axes at once, Sawtooth supports is one of our stand-out features! We’re releasing this early with the hopes that you’ll get some good prints with it and let us know if there are any settings that still need to be tweaked for best results. Full documentation and explanation will come next week when we properly launch Sawtooth Supports in a beta release.

Sawtooth supports are not ideal for use on printers where the Z-axis involved moving your build plate. Also, please be aware that you may need to do some tuning to get perfect results with Sawtooth Supports.

Change File Path for Models

You can now right-click on a model to change it, while keeping its slicing settings and orientation. This is handy if you do a revision of a model, or simply want to replace it with something totally different.

Support Fixes

Printing with support interface layers sometimes lead to inconsistent results. That’s fixed now.






Fixed Solid Fill Outside of Print Bounds

Fixed some cases where solid-fill lines were escaping the perimeters that bounded them.

Thanks to @Rp3 for sharing their settings with us, which helped us to track down the issue. (Thread)

Skirt Fixes

Fixed a case where skirt tracks weren’t being printed.


Sawtooth Supports seems to be well suited for a delta! delta can be super agile for all 3 axes.

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Yes, We think so too! Deltas are probably best suited since they can move in Z super fast. That said, it’s a small movement and we’ve found that Prusas and the like handle it just fine. It’s more a warning to expect great results if you’re printing on a core-xy platform or the like.

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Is this a safe release to overwrite Beta4 or should we install it separately? Or maybe just wait a bit if 4 is doing ok for now?

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Good question. In this particular case I would say there’s no reason to keep Beta 4. The only really experimental part of this release is the Sawtooth supports, everything else is the same or more robust than it was before

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Ok, great!!

Having fun with this new slicer. Keep up the great work.

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theres no download link


Thanks, good call. I’ve updated the post with a link.


I printed using the sawtooth support and they stick to the part and mostly cant remove.

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Loving the sawtooth, really improves the adhesion between the following layers. One issue I’ve noticed though is that the minumum supported area function doesn’t seem to work any longer. Holes that should be easily bridged with a 10mm^3 setting are getting supported, which increases post processing time.

Keep up the great work!

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