Pathio Users

V0.5.3-Alpha Released!

Alpha download link

In this build we have been working on a number of bug and quality fixes inclusive of the items detailed below.

  • Support for import of models and file paths with non ASCii characters.
  • Resolved an issue when trying to slice with zero infill or zero top/bottom thickness the slicer crashes.

We would like to thank the following Pathio users for their help in bringing some issues to our attention. These issues have now been resolved.

@mtohme Error message when I try to open the pathio

@Gillimaniac Dynamic Link Library Crash at startup

We have a number of bug fixes and new features are currently in progress and we hope to share more info on these with you very soon.

We have started a discussion on Manual support and would appreciate any input you may have.


Hi @james.c

Thank you!! I will try It asap.


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Actually the issue with the foreign or non-ascii characters does not seem to be resolved for me.
I am still not able to Import a model from e.g. my Desktop (my windows username has a foreign char) while importing the same file from c:/ works fine…

Hi @Gillimaniac
Sorry for any confusion. We didn’t fix the model importing bug just yet, just the issue where it wasn’t possible to open Pathio at all. Sorry! We’re still working on the other one.


No Problem. At least i can install and start pathio with my normal username now.