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V0.5.3 Beta Released! (And a blog post)

Beta download link

In this latest release we are very pleased to introduce a range of new features in addition to a variety of bug fixes.

So let’s start with the exciting part, New Features.

  • Octoprint and Duet Web Integration.
    Following from the great discusions and feedback on the Integration from Pathio to upload to Octoprint/Duet3D within UI topic Octoprint and Duet Web Control was a feature we really wanted to introduce into Pathio.

  • Print Preview Tools.
    We have introduced a number of new tools within the Print Preview to allow for more visibility and preview functionality for your sliced models.

  • Notification message of .stl issue when slicing.
    A model repair recommendation will now be presented during failed slicing if related to an issue with the .stl file.This is in response to part of the ongoing discussions within the following topic:
    We need your help: Identifying broken Mesh (STL) files

You can find more information on these new features and more in our most recent Blog post Octoprint, Duet Web Control, and Preview Tools Written by @Gabe.

In addition to the new features above we have also included a number of bug fixes as detailed below.

  • We fixed a number of issues known to result in failed slices.
  • Track optimization failures have now been resolved.
  • Resolved the issue with the first Layer Multiplier and rafts.

A special thank you also goes out to the Pathio users for their help in bringing issues and bugs to our attention.

We also have an ongoing discussion , We need your help: Manual supports. and would appreciate any input you may have.

A number of bug fixes and further new features are currently in progress and we hope to share more on these with you very soon.


Maybe I am missing something but the first two new Features seem not available for me…
Neither am I allowerd to set the communication to my Printers like in the Video of your blogpost nor am I able to see track Features after slicing. Both Options remain gray with a forbidden mouse Symbol.
Whats wrong?

(I already did a clean reinstall of pathio 0.5.3 Beta0 after suspecting an update problem)

Yes, and the same for me with Track visibility which I was hoping to look at and that’s still greyed out, with the “no entry” symbol on mouseover. :slight_smile: Using macOS and latest beta downloaded an hour or so ago.

Tested the Duet connection today 2 minor issues:

  1. First attempt resulted in a crash, URL error. Corrected by adding the ‘http://’ to the URL (as it should be of course). I think it would be fair to say most people are used to just typing an IP address, perhaps some background smarts to interpret what has been entered and prevent a crash.

  2. The file sent to Duet on the second attempt but didn’t start printing. Not clear whether it’s supposed to start or not but I had to hunt through the file list on Duet and start it manually.

Hi. Just sent you PM to resolve this. Sorry for the trouble!

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Hi, Just sent you a PM to resolve this. Sorry for the trouble!

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