Pathio Users

V0.5.4 Alpha Released!

Alpha download link

In this build we have been working hard primarily on a number of bug and quality fixes inclusive of the items detailed below.

  • Bug with rafts has been resolved.
  • Bug when canceling the slicing process has been resolved.
  • Bug where OctoPrint settings where not visible.
  • Bug relating to a crash when selecting Bowden within HotEnd profile has been resolved.

These fixes should resolve Known issues with the Latest release (V0.5.3 Beta)

We have also made further improvements to scripting with the addition of:

  • state/next_Z variable in layer change script.

A special thank you also goes out to the Pathio users for their help in bringing issues and bugs to our attention.

Several of the bugs we fixed with this release came from feedback reports, so thanks!
You can find information on the new features added in the previous build along with our most recent release notes here V0.5.3 Beta Released! (And a blog post)

We also have an ongoing discussion , We need your help: Manual supports. and would appreciate any input you may have.


Is the raft bug the one I reported? Not that I want credit, but I’m wondering if it’s resolved.

Hi! Yes, the bug you found was fixed (number 2 below).

  1. You can now use rafts with the first layer height multiplier (this used to cause slicing to crash)
  2. We’ve fixed a problem that caused rafts to overlap: