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V0.5.4 Beta Released!

Beta download link

There’s a lot of bug fixes and UI improvements in this beta! We’ve got two new features in the works at the moment, so stay tuned. <thin/thick + manual...>

As always, your feedback here and in Pathio itself is super helpful for us, so thank you for taking the time to send error reports and suggestions!

Major Slice Improvements

The first of two major pieces of work is in, and it should fix a large portion of the models that were failing to slice. Because it’s so big, it’s hard to give specifics about which models will slice now, so our best suggestion is for you to simply try slicing them again!

Note that larger and more complicated models may still fail to slice due to memory-related problems we’re going to work on next. Also, we don’t expect any improvements on slice speed yet, but we also want to tackle that soon.

There’s too many people to thank! This was a very big set of fixes and so many of your models have helped us solve these problems.

Support for all screen sizes

Pathio should now resize to be usable on most screen sizes, from low-resolution all the way up to 4k!

OctoPrint + Duet Setup Fixes

We made it easier to specify http:// or https:// when setting up OctoPrint and Duet integration. Also, there’s a new “communication” tab icon (not in that video, though).

Model Loading Improvements

It’s easier to see when a model is still loading now! This also gives you some more information when you’re duplicating models, moving them between groups, and reloading them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where track filtering caused a crash
  • Better error messages when you try to import unsupported .pathioshare files
  • Fix the bug where dragging a model that you’d duplicated could cause a crash
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t load a model after a slice failed
  • The Windows installer is now signed properly. Thanks to @hero262 (thread)

Alpha Changes

Other fixes came in in the last two alpha releases. Top changes include:

  • Crashes when selecting a bowden extruder
  • Scripting improvements
  • Vase mode fixes.

Check out their release notes:

  1. V0.5.4 Alpha Released!
  2. V0.5.4 Alpha 2 Released!

Sorry, but sending a slice to OctoPrint does not run correctly ; message “…ReferenceError: url is not defined” OctoPrint 1.3.11 under Windows 10…
Of course, my url is defined as ?

Thank you for this new slicer witch will become a great one !

Hi, with this version I can’t connect to my duet wifi…

The settings are ok, if I push the duet symbol after slicing the page of internet is correctly open, but if I try to send the gcode with “Send to Duet” there is the error “Could not upload your gcode to duet”

Can you fix?

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Hi, could you try again with the latest version? Sorry for the trouble! V0.5.5 Alpha Released!

Hi, can you try again with the latest version? Sorry for the trouble! V0.5.5 Alpha Released!