Pathio Users

V0.5.6 Alpha Released!

Alpha download link

In this build we had a focus on a number of UI fixes and optimisations.

We have also added a number of bug and quality fixes as detailed below.

  • Resolved Issue relating to "Fix “Kernel uninitialised” errors that occasionally occur on launch.
  • Resolved the "Add missing functionality to the Bad model error report bug.
  • Resolved bug with Gcode not saving.
  • Resolved issue with the out of range iteration in postSliceOperationsNode bug.

A special thanks to everyone who has helped in bringing issues and bugs to our attention and the continued feedback that you’ve sent.

Special thanks to @jbernardis for reporting the issue about deleting models (and having them load forever afterwards) Problem if pathio is started after stl file is deleted


Nice work! I had a problem where i upgraded and my project had a continuously spinning loading icon and i couldn’t slice anything - creating a new project and starting fresh fixed that. May help others having similar issue.