Pathio Users

V0.6.0 Beta Released!

Download V0.6.0 Beta Now!

Please see below for information on the new large suite of bug fixes and new features implemented across both the V0.6.0 Alpha and V0.6.0 Beta released this week. In this beta release we have focused on fixing few small bugs found in the Alpha, but otherwise things are unchanged from the V0.6.0 Alpha.

Major Slicing Bug Fixes

We’ve completed round two of resolving the various problems with slicing different models. If you’ve had trouble before with a particular model giving you problems in Pathio try it again with V0.6.0 and it should work. We can’t wait to see what everyone slices now!

Small Memory Improvements

We’ve started work on optimizing Pathio’s memory (RAM) usage. You should notice it does better at releasing memory after a slice finishes (more improvements are on their way).


  1. We are aware that some users are having issues with linux based operating systems as indicated in GLIB 2.27 not available for Debian. We are actively working on a resolution to this issue and as soon as we can we will provide further information accordingly.
  2. Very large models will still not slice. (The fix for this is imminent.)
  3. Models that have errors might report track ordering optimization failure when slicing. This means that the ordering of tracks on a given layer might not be 100% perfect, but it should still print ok.

Manual Supports (Added in V0.6.0 Alpha).

We’re happy to be announcing an all-new way of defining where supports are placed on your model: painting! More intuitive than adding modifier meshes and less tedious than repeatedly left-clicking on support pillars, painting lets you pick exactly where you want supports to go in no time at all. This has been the number one request for Pathio so we’re very eager to hear what you think of the workflow.

Thank You again.

We would also really like to thank everybody again who contributed to the discussion regarding We need your help: Manual supports as the feedback and comments were instrumental in the development of the manual support feature.