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V0.6.3 Beta 4 Released (and a blog post)

Download V0.6.3-beta 4

Fixed an issue relating to scripting variables presented in the V0.6.3 Beta in addition to a number of backend improvements.

We have also released a new blog post Written by @Gabe about our Big Beta and Introducing Manual Support.

We have a number of bug fixes and further new features are currently in progress and we hope to share more on these with you very soon.

We would like to thank all who have contributed towards feedback and the pathio community. Your error reports have helped us pinpoint several of these bugs, and your feedback informed which fixes would be most meaningful for you. Please keep sending info our way.


hola buenas tardes , les saludos desde Chile …

les cuento he tratado por varias semanas de bajar esta programa y los servidores al parecer estan abajo …

favor si pudieran ayudarme para tener su programa

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I cant download the actual version. Beta or Alpha - only error to downlaod (time over)


Me pasa exactamente lo mismo. No puedo descargarlo

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is there still development going on, or did the project die yet?

Unfortunately I think its dead. Had huge potential but hasn’t been touched since July last year.

Your server is not answering.

If you need some help with that, feel free to ask!?
I know one thing or two about Linux Web-Servers.

It’s sending me a public key when trying via sftp, you might have closed out people while configuring rsa keys für your ssh access?


This project has been dead for months, Download server up and down all the time, I dont think they’ll be taking your offer…