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V0.6.3 Beta Released!

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We have introduced a number of improvements to the UI and we’re fixing how we handle and display extended slice times. We’ve mostly focused on how we display information to you when you’re slicing, and are trying to convey the consequences of errors better.
Below is a list of these additions:

  • Long print time estimates are now displayed in hours and minutes (instead of just minutes).
  • New pop up message with options to continue or cancel extremely long slices.
  • Removed slicing timeouts that automatically cancel slices.
  • Fixed a problem where RAM usage would increase after time you sliced a project.
  • Additional UI improvements and optimizations.

Other bug fixes in this release:

  • Fixed problems with some models that used to lead to a failed slice.
  • Track order optimisation popup warning messages reduced. We will continue to work on fixing the cause of this problem.
  • Fixed issue with painting manual supports on some models.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a group twice.
  • Fixed a bug with the g-code preview pane persisting when returning to edit slicing settings.
  • Fixed issue when starting scripts tried to set the temperature of a heated build plate and the printer didn’t have one installed. This fixes the issue of “no g-code being generated” at the end of a slice.

We would like to thank all who have contributed towards feedback and the pathio community. Your error reports have helped us pinpoint several of these bugs, and your feedback informed which fixes would be most meaningful for you. Please keep sending info our way.