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Variable height in same layer

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I expose this as an idea, I imagine how difficult it has to be to apply it …
The idea would be, as in some slicers, is the option of layers of variable height, depending on the Z coordinate, I propose that the layers of variable height depend if they are outside, or filling. Thus the outer layers could be of a small height, and the inner ones, which will not be seen, and which have a resistant function, which were of a greater height.

This would greatly help the speed, since the main problem with thin layers is that they have to be printed slowly, and inside, the filling of the object is not necessary.

An idea could be …

In the slicer, you select variable height in the layer, and enter the height for the filling layer and the outer finish layer. The slicer always makes the layer that has the base with smaller Z, and always the layers of filling, before the outer ones.
Along with the height of the layer, you also select the width of the line, manually or automatically.

Things that occur to me, when there are trips between points of the model, the nozzle should not go through the areas that he has printed, because he can touch them, for it or surrounds them or makes Z-Hop, or both …

I think it could be interesting, I guess difficult to implement, that along with layers of variable height could get good finishes, without sacrificing speed.
Currently, an object that is printed at 0.05 mm layer height takes 4 times more than one that is printed at 0.20 mm … that if we print at the same speed, but for layers of 0.05 is more I recommend printing at half speed or less, which gives us. That the same object, printed with layers 0.05 takes 8x the time that one printed with 0.2 …

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