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Varying slice settings by Z height

Does Pathio allow for different settings at different layer heights like Simplify3D does?


As far as I know not yet, you can have settings on a global, group or model level but not at different heights yet.

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Pathio does not currently let you vary slicing settings per Z-height. We have been talking about this for a while in-house and are still thinking hard about the right way to let you do this. What do you think would feel most natural?

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Maybe add one more tier to the hierarchy, so that within the model you could have groups of layers. I’m also interested in how you will handle modifier meshes to control different print settings based on physical region boundaries of overlapping models.

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Interesting. We’ve been hesitant to complicate the hierachy more, but perhaps it would be useful! For modifier meshes, we’ve been thinking of simply painting on areas of your print to assign settings. That may not be the best experience for big and fancy models, though…

As for complicating the hierarchy, in for a penny, in for a pound. It’s already a little complicated, might as well be complete.

The problem I see with painting on the model is how do you control depth? And how do you define internal only areas? The paint on method could work well for assigning multiple colors, but how do I define an area of dense infill around a bolt hole, or narrow vertical feature?

Might I suggest having the option to drop a few types of primitive shapes (rectangle, cylinder, sphere, triangular prism) that can be scaled and moved just like any other model and placed such that it overlaps your print model. The print settings for that model then override the base settings.

I believe that Cura and it’s xray view are currently the best way to visually place the modifier meshes. Though the way they implement the per model settings could be better.