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Volumetric speed control

Suggestion Summary

Allow the slicer to determine the speed based on a configured value for volumetric limit, with an additional max speed limit, whichever comes first.

Why is this useful?

Allows optimizing speed to maximize throughput without having to worry about manually adjusting speeds when changing layer height and extrusion width. Prevents hitting a situation where you’re trying to push more plastic than your extrusion system is capable of.

  • Do other slicers do this?:
    Slic3r can kind of do this. Seems Slic3r PE is broken, but it does enforce a max speed based on volumetric extrusion limit.

Screenshots/Supporting Info


Ooh good idea. I think we can do that without too much trouble. I’ll look into adding it as a new dynamic default.

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KISSlicer also does this. I was going to request this feature. It would be nice to still be able to set certain maximums as you suggested. ie, I could print my External Perimeters at 10mm^3/s but I’d really rather they only print at 30 linear mm/s for sake of quality.

It might be good to have the option to set maximums as a linear or volumetric value too?

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