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Walls on the inside of a print?

  • Printer: CR10s:
  • Version: 0.5.5: Just downliaded it today 6/3/2019
  • Filament Type: Amaz3d PLA

I’m getting a strange thing happening when slicing. Not sure if this is on purpose but I can’t find it in the docs or anything. I’m printing a calibration cube to test out the default settings and am getting inner walls printed, leaving the a large hollow section in the print. I’ve attached a picture of it.

It doesn’t seem to be adversely affecting the print, so it seems like it might be on purpose, but just wanted to see if it in fact was. I can’t find anything in the settings, documentation, or forum about this though.

Hi @CorruptedCaps, welcome to the forum!
It’s a little hard to tell from the photo you sent exactly what’s going on. I will say that it looks like in your particular case, your printer seems to be under-extruding a little bit (at least the infill lines don’t look good, and my guess is the shell-fill tracks are not quite coming out for the same reason). If you can send along a feedback report (hit the unhappy face and paste in a link to this thread), we can take a closer look at your gcode to see what’s going on.

Pathio does shells (perimeters) a little differently from other slicers. In particular, we always wrap up the infill areas of your print with shell tracks (kind of like inner perimeters) so that they’re nice and strong. Due to the shape of your print, you might have some space between the outer-most perimeters of your shell and these inner perimeters (this happens more frequently on angled surfaces, I can elaborate if you’d like).

  1. If you have concentric solid fill on this space will be filled with more perimeters
  2. If not, we fill it with a zig-zagging “shell-fill” type of track.
  3. If the space is super small, there might not be enough room for the zig-zag shell-fill, and you’ll be left with a gap between your shells.

We’re almost done with a solution to improve cases 2 and 3 above. Stay tuned!

Here’s some illustrations (second one is with more shell thickness):

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Hey Gabe!

My printer does need some love and care for the underextrusion, so I’m not too worried about that. I was more just curious about those inner walls, but your explanation clears that up perfectly! I just wanted to confirm that the slicer wasn’t doing something unexpected by adding those walls on the inside.

Thanks so much for such a detailed answer! Really helps me understand the differences between pathio and other slicers.