Pathio Users

Window scaling in Linux

  • prusa i3 mk2
  • 0.6.3-beta4
  • ABS

Hello all. I was working on transferring a known good profile from prusa slicer to pathio. I figured the easiest way was to split both windows to fit my entire screen so I don’t need to alt tab. Pathio certainly scaled to fit the new window size, but I expected all the menus and icons to stay the same size and just scale down the size of the model preview area, much like a standard website will scale the dynamic area down in size and just re-orient the static elements (menus, icons, buttons, etc)

This is more of a feedback than an issue. I don’t expect pathio to scale to ANY device size (which would certainly be a nice feature), but I’d at least expect it to use the app without a magnifying glass when the screen is split like that.

Here’s a screenshot of the current UI for ants.

Hi @apeterson
Thanks for the feedback. At the moment Pathio’s UI scaling is based on the vertical size of your screen, not the horizontal, which is why it didn’t scale anything up here. We’re thinking about adding a simple scaling mode when you do CTRL + + and CTRL + -